“Sometimes, listening to good advice requires just as much astuteness as giving oneself such advice.”

There are no off-the-peg solutions for your requirements. Even if model solutions are sometimes presented in publications and training courses, they always have to be adapted to situations in practice.

My consultancy is introduced with a precise clarification of the mission in question. This is followed by my offer, which explains what you wish to achieve and how I can contribute to your achieving it. This will then also provide a basis for our common impact monitoring for the consultancy process.

As a consultant, I will analyse various alternatives for action with you, both for the overall process and for its individual stages. What is important for me here is to explore the system you act in. We then assess the possible consequences together – and ultimately you decide what course you want to take. I can support you with coaching, training and/or further consultancy.



“Moderation is more than just a bit of magic with little cards and pins. What one associates with moderation is a certain attitude towards a group: letting everyone have a say, listening to people and encouraging an exchange of views within the group.”

... this is the art of moderation. And this is why complicated and tricky situations often require an outside person letting everyone have a say, listening to everyone, assisting in structuring inputs, objectifying possible conflicts ... and sometimes also helping to resolve them. And this person ought to focus on results and secure them.

Since 1981, I have been moderating according to the Metaplan Method, in German. Spanish, French and English. I have moderated several types of events:

  • workshops
  • conferences
  • working sessions (especially also if they bear a conflict potential)

I assist in planning major events and conferences as well. And I have been running moderation training for more than 10 years.




“Changes are easier to come to terms with if they are accepted as the one continuous thing in life.”

Changes at the workplace are only prepared to a certain degree by imparting theoretical knowledge. Motivation, practising and the exchange of experience with other practitioners – and sometimes also self-experience – are usually even more important for the implementation of changes. This is why participatory and client-oriented methods are particularly important elements of my training.

As a rule, the training programmes I offer combine elements to enhance the four competence fields of

  • subject competence
  • methodical competence
  • social competence
  • personal competence

I also offer Internet-aided training courses:

  • presence phases as an introduction and motivation, to disseminate knowledge, and to facilitate an exchange of experiences among the participants
  • Internet phase as a back-up, as consultancy and to provide intervision among the participants




individual consultancy& personal feedback & practice-oriented training

“Links are always there – you just have to wish to find them.”

I regard coaching as a consultancy and supervisory process with the aim of developing independent solutions for the client’s subject and personal problems.

While clients often dispose of the necessary know-how, they have difficulties in implementing it or making a decision. “Why is this problem a problem for me?” In many cases, professional assistance in reflecting upon the workplace is helpful in untying a recurrent knot. As a client, you are an expert at your solution.

In coaching, I will support you with solutions that meet both your tasks and your status in your organisation and correspond to your personality.

Coaching usually takes place in personal talks. In decentralised structures, there is also the possibility to coach via telephone or the Internet.




“The image of a living system (people, teams, organisations, institutions or networks) contributes to understanding its order with its respective rules and laws.”

In compiling experts’ reports, I attempt to represent the respective system in its complexity from a systemic angle. I look at how its network of relations works, what services and products are offered in what manner, and what impacts they result in. This image will then provide the basis of focusing on possible desirable conditions as recommendations.



Meine Leistungsangebote beziehen sich sowohl auf die Organisation und ihre Komponenten als auch auf individuelle Personen. Je nach Kontext und Anforderungen arbeite ich im Verbund mit anderen Kooperationspartnerinnen und -partnern.



„Bisweilen gehört nicht weniger Klugheit dazu, auf einen guten Rat zu hören, als selbst einen solchen zu geben.“

Für Ihr Anliegen gibt es keine fertigen Lösungen von der Stange. Auch wenn in Publikationen und Trainingskursen manchmal modellhafte Lösungen vorgestellt werden, so müssen sie in der Praxis doch immer situationsspezifisch erarbeitet werden.

Meine Beratung wird eingeleitet durch eine genaue Auftragsklärung. Ihr folgt mein Angebot, das beschreibt, was Sie erreichen wollen, und was mein Beitrag dazu sein kann. Dieses ist dann unter anderem auch Grundlage für unser gemeinsames Wirkungsmonitoring für den Beratungsprozess.

Als Berater analysiere ich mit Ihnen verschiedene Handlungsalternativen, sowohl für den Gesamtprozess als auch für die einzelnen Phasen. Wichtig ist mir, dabei das System zu erkunden, in dem Sie handeln. Wir bewerten dann gemeinsam die möglichen Konsequenzen – und letztlich  treffen Sie die Entscheidung, welchen Weg Sie gehen wollen. Und ich kann Sie dabei begleiten, mit Coaching, Training und/oder weiterer Beratung.